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About North

North is an investment company that distributes products in Switzerland, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. The company was developed in close collaboration with the most important groups of Distribution, for searching and developing innovative products on the international market, with outstanding quality and reasonable prices for the final consumer. North investment has already signed agreements for logistics and distribution of products in the countries where it operates. The goal is to anticipate the demands of the customer offering innovative solutions and products that can capture the attention of customers. Be an important link between manufacturers and retail partners, for creating opportunities for both. Building success through long-term relationships and partnerships with customers and with suppliers based on mutual respect and mutual satisfaction. Business growth in accordance with the rules, the environment, the human resources and our planet.

Our Skills

  • IT Security

  • IT Optimization

  • IT Architecture

  • Business Process Modeling

  • Project Management

  • GDO

  • Mass Retail Distribution

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Since the beginning, Pampered has always characterized itself for its industrial production of highly functional design goods 100% MADE IN ITALY, made of plastic materials and high quality needlework. From the choice of using high level and modern technology, to the usage of innovative thermoplastic materials – very often projected in cooperation with the best international producers. From manufacturing sites located in Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna and Tuscany regions - which represent the heart of Italian handicraft culture -, to reaching an automatism of production processes in order to – beyond others – higher comfort and security standards of our pet friends; all those features to reach the engagement of every single person involved in ‘producing’ the good. This is Pamperded DNA, a company that can assure their customers a collection which has as key strengths: innovation, quality, high resistance and long-lasting of the products. Pampered’s products are not only visually appealing.

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Gruppo Lab

The Group LAB comes from professional experience of three entrepreneurs who over the years have developed their own experiences in the manufacturing sectors Engineering, research design, technology, safety, are the primary targets of the group with a great maniacal precision, typical of artisans, characterizes the soul of the group. The group coordinates Lab and select projects for companies, offering the best solutions ranging from construction to simple home automation projects as accessories for your pet. LAB The Group is represented with the slogan: TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION TO THE COMBINED PRACTICAL '"



Defenx creates and develops technologies, products and services to ensure maximum safety and high protection against any form of threat or malware. Based in Switzerland, the company is engaged in developing the best software applications in the world, providing to his clients the “solution” to their needs.We use to work in close contact with other international teams of programmers and we are constantly engaged in the development and improvement of software applications that must be capable of fulfilling the specific needs of our customers and partners.Work with Defenx means doing business with an innovative partner, able to create added value to its customers.Defenx offers software products for security. All these products have at least two shared characteristics: simplicity and innovation.They has been created to provide a complete and scalable suite able to cover all the market needs in this arena.Defenx offer extends from solutions for private users to small, medium and large company networks.Defenx solutions are currently available worldwide.


Trainer Live

The project was born from the live trainer to reorganize the field of fitness and wellness in the provision of services to clients. All this together with companies and institutions, universities and schools of industry benchmark of high level. Trainer live wants to offer direct services and quality, thanks to the collaboration of master trainer renowned national / international disciplines on more 'in vogue at the time, make sure that the human resource Club will make a difference in the future, thus giving the possibility of a continuous professional development to trainers or instructors coming to university students, thus ensuring 'more quality' to the fitness center membership.

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North Investmetn SA
via Caslaccio 4,
Balerna, CH 6828

(+41) 091 993 23 03

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